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John Girdlestone FCA:

I commenced practice in 1966 and continued to do so until 1987. During the next eight years I acted as Finance Director for a number of international firms of automotive design engineers operating out of USA, Australia and Japan as well as throughout Europe.

In January 1995 I commenced practice again on a full time basis here in Penryn.

From those early days of one client and only my wife. I have developed the practice very much on a personal basis, having close contact with my clients.  

Debbie Warburton ACCA:

I left school in 1988 and started an apprenticeship in a small accountancy firm in Liverpool, training as an accountant and qualifying with AAT in 1992. I moved out of Liverpool and carried on my ACCA training with a firm of accountants in St Helens, qualifying with the ACCA in 2001.

I have worked for a number of large firms in the Northwest, Haslam Tunstall in Knutsford and finally Mitten Clarke an award winning practice in Stoke before moving down to Cornwall in 2008 to be nearer my family who had moved here in 1989.

Accountancy is a passion for me. I enjoy helping businesses and individuals achieve success in both the short and long term.

Out of work I enjoy spending time with my husband and two young children. I enjoy gardening and baking often bringing my cakes into the office to fatten up the staff!


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